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    Office screens can be found in many guises. They can give a practical solution for separating today’s open plan offices. Modern office screens are a nice-looking and inexpensive strategy to offer private areas for both group working areas but for the individual employee.

    Not many offices is going to be found without having a screen or two. They abound in colleges, schools and universities. They are used extensively in hospitals and airports and they are especially popular in call centres.

    There are various shaped desk mounted screens that include curved, wave or straight panels.
    additional resources might be finished with a material covering in the wide selection of colours along with a complementing trim of either PVC or metal, with or without a ‘pinnable’ surface.

    Glass or polycarbonate panels inside a selection of finish are offered also.

    Floor Standing Screens – give a array of options such as:

    Curved or straight panels, fabric covered, part glazed or made out of polycarbonate, with or without a ‘pinnable’ surface, mounted safely on purpose built, stabilising feet. They could possibly be utilized to direct the flow of office traffic or the queuing public when placed next to one another, either in the straight line or curved to fit the consumer office requirements.

    General office noise and machine generated noise could possibly be reduced by way of floor standing Acoustic Screens that have proven sound reduction qualities incorporated inside their construction from the use of an insulated central core. These can be bought in a selection of fabric colour ways and complementing trims. They might be used singularly or perhaps in multiples of a couple of when joined with hinges inside a selection of layouts

    Choosing the correct height screen is able to reduce glare from ceiling lighting or sunlight, proving hugely good to all users.

    A array of practical accessories including hinges, stabilising feet and multi-way hinges are around to help facilitate a number of office layouts

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